Small Shop Shout Out: A and L Engraving

As most of you probably know, Father’s Day is just a little over a week away. Unfortunately for me, I only realized this today. Otherwise, I probably would have posted this last week, and I would have already ordered Aaron’s Father’s Day gift. Oh well. You live and learn.

Anyway, if you are still wondering what to get your husband (or your dad) for Father’s Day, I thought I would share what I gave Aaron last year. Aaron, is not a gifts person. He really couldn’t care less if I bought him anything, probably forever. But when Aaron does get a gift, he wants it to be practical – something he can use on a regular basis. However, I am a gifts person, and sentimental gifts are my favorite. If I don’t buy Aaron a gift for special occasions, it somehow feels like I love him less.  Since last year was Aaron’s first Father’s Day, I wanted to find a gift that would be practical, sentimental, and timeless.

That’s when I found A and L Engraving on Etsy. They were a great shop to work with. My questions were answered promptly, and my order was actually completed in 24 hours! The one downside is the shipping two about two weeks (7-10 business days). So, if you want to order something from them for Father’s Day, you’ll probably need to pay extra for express shipping. (Again, SO sorry I didn’t post this last week.)

This is the clip I ordered. I blurred out the date because I don’t want the whole world knowing Desirae’s birthday.

I selected this beautiful, personalized tie clip from their shop. Aaron has to dress up for work every day, so that made the gift practical. Engraving his monogram seemed too impersonal and saying something like, “I love you Daddy,” seemed a little cheesy. I settled on Desirae’s birth date, thus making the tie clip sentimental and timeless, but still classy.

The engraving on the tie clip was well done. The clip is high quality, looks great, and should last for a long time. A and L Engraving is a great shop. I would recommend them to anyone, and I would definitely buy from them again. Most importantly, Aaron loved this gift, and now he has something he can treasure and wear for many years to come.

I hope this may have sparked some ideas for you! Good luck on your Father’s Day shopping, and enjoy your weekend!

tie clip


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