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I No Longer Get Anything Done

It’s Friday! Not only that, but it’s Memorial Weekend, so we get an extra day! Woot! I’m having a little party over here. We will be heading to our family cottage for the weekend for some much needed relaxation on the beach.  I don’t know about you, but after this week, I am in serious need of a break.

The week started out great. Aaron and I had just come out of our anniversary weekend full of love, sweet nothings, and all sorts of mushy stuff. Nothing beats some sappy quality time with the husband.

Then on Monday was The Bachelorette season primer! Yes, I will admit that I (almost) unashamedly love that show. Don’t ask me why, because I couldn’t tell you. It’s a horrible way to mess with people’s lives, hearts, and emotions for the sake of entertainment. But I figure, “Hey, the contestants voluntarily signed up for this. No one is forcing them through this emotional torture. Plus, they get to fly around the world to visit incredible destinations while sight-seeing in helicopters and traversing down the side of exotic cliffs. That’s gotta be a bonus.” All that to say, I love a sappy love story full of drama and heart ache, so I continue to watch this twisted reality TV romance.

the bachelor

Once Tuesday showed up, it just became a long, long, loooong week. First, Aaron had another late night work week, so I’ve been feeling a little bit like a single mom. (Minus the fact that a single mom has to do a MILLION times more than me.) Not having any help around the house or with a baby is exhausting. Then, the heat finally decided to show up in Michigan. We don’t have air conditioning. I have been working around the house all week while sweating like day Desirae spilled water all over me. Not only that, but my German Shepherd has had to suffer through this with me. He has been shedding, drooling, and panting all over the house, so I continually step in puddles of dog drool or pick up clumps of fur drifting across the floor. Gross.

However, the week felt extra long because Desirae has officially reached the stage where nothing is safe, including herself. This week she started climbing on everything, including the glass coffee table that she subsequently thought it would be fun to stomp on. (Thank goodness that crisis was averted, because that would have made the tooth incident look like a walk in the park.) I have to watch her like a hawk. On top of that, she has decided she must investigate EVERY drawer and pull EVERYTHING off of all the shelves. Even when I want to clean the house, I can’t because she tears the house apart while I’m cleaning it. I clean up one room enough to vacuum the floor. I move on to the next room. I pick up the mess Desirae made in there. Then go back to the first room to re-clean the messes she made while I cleaned the second room. It’s totally pointless. Why do I bother?

cleaning with kids

When I first saw the video Why Moms Get NOTHING DONE, I thought it was pretty funny. Now, it just painfully describes my life. I’m not sure if I want to laugh, or cry, or just wallow in a glass of wine. In a matter of one week, this video has suddenly turned from a comedy to a tear-jerking drama. I give it a two thumbs up, as the laughter and tears just roll in.

Anyway, this week is almost over. I will say that a positive about this week is no tragic accidents have happened. That’s the first incident free week in almost a month! *fist pump* But I don’t want to speak too soon, because we still have packing and a four hour drive ahead of us.

Sweet beach bliss, here I come.

I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Weekend!


5 thoughts on “I No Longer Get Anything Done

  1. Oh wow. Have fun on your vacation. I wish we have a vacation house we can go to to unwind.

    Anyway, I totally get you on the cleaning part. Now, I don’t bother arranging every thing in our apartment. I don’t care if they’re not in their right place. As long as the place is clean ( free from dust and litter, we live near an empty lot and there are bugs everywhere) then I’m fine.

    Congrats on your incident free week! I was the same thing with my David. When he started walking, he would always fall or bump his head. I’m always on the look out.


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