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Mother’s Day

This past Sunday was only my second Mother’s Day as a mom, so I have very little experience in the difference between what makes a good Mother’s Day or a bad Mother’s Day. I know that my day was nothing glamorous or anything to go down in the history books, but I loved it. I would say I had a good Mother’s Day.

First, I was woken by my daughter handing me a sweet and hilarious card covered in pictures of cats that Aaron picked out and she scribbled on (don’t ask about the cats. I have no idea). Aaron watched Desirae for me that morning while I took a shower without interruptions or racing against the end of nap time. I even got to shave my legs! That right there was the real win of the day. At church, I unexpectedly had the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee while talking with friends instead of chasing my daughter. Aaron surprised me with some flowers and a card with a thoughtful letter he wrote inside. Later that day we went to visit Aaron’s family, and I was able to play in the sand with Desirae which she LOVED. Desirae got nice and sandy from head to toe, which I think is a excellent sign of a kid enjoying her childhood. We had a lot of fun playing in the sand and the bath that followed. I enjoyed my Mother’s Day because I was able to slow down, relax, and take time to enjoy being a mom.

Mother’s Day is a beautiful holiday. It’s a day to honor the women who receive very little recognition or appreciation, but who we couldn’t live without. Mothers work harder and longer than anyone. Their job never ends, and they never get a paycheck. In a manner of speaking, Mother’s Day is a mom’s pay day – the one day of the year where the world pauses to recognize her effort and pay her back with gifts and affirmation. Mother’s Day celebrates the beauty, sacrifice, and never-ending work of motherhood.

This year, I noticed that what a lot of moms wanted for Mothers’ Day was a break from being a mom. And hey, I get it. Sometimes all I need is a break from taking care of my kid 24/7. I just want to stop constantly watching to see if she is about to eat dirt or break her neck. But the thing is, you can never stop being a mom, even on Mother’s Day. So the moms who only wanted a break from motherhood on Mother’s Day are often left disappointed. Moms don’t get sick days or vacations. That’s part of the job description. There may be times, or even seasons, when you get a break from being a mom, but you never stop being a mom.

What I realized this past week is that Mother’s Day isn’t just about celebrating me, a mom. It’s about honoring all moms. It’s about celebrating all the people and circumstances that make motherhood possible. This year, despite popular opinion, I decided not to ask for a break from being a mom on Mother’s Day. (Although, I gladly took those small breaks when they presented themselves.) Instead, I chose to celebrate those moments that made me a mom. I relished having my whole family together in church service that morning. I loved coloring with my daughter. I treasured watching my husband and daughter play on the floor. And I happily played with my daughter in the sand. I could have been upset that I didn’t get a break from being a mom that day, but I wasn’t, because I got to be a mom that day. And that’s what Mother’s Day is meant to celebrate.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. I agree with you. It seems like any other day to be with your baby since thats what we do everyday but that’s the special part. I wanted that normal family day to spend with my little family for mother’s day too 🙂
    I am so glad you enjoyed spending the day with your family. Your daughter is so so so cute! and yay for a peaceful shower time! that kind of little “breaks” are so nice to get sometimes!!


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