DIY: Diaper Boat

Follow this tutorial to make you own DIY Diaper Boat!

Mom life

I No Longer Get Anything Done

Desirae has officially reached the stage where nothing is safe, including herself. This week she started climbing on everything, including the glass coffee table that she subsequently thought it would be fun to stomp on. (Thank goodness that crisis was averted, because that would have made the tooth incident look like a walk in the park.) I have to watch her like a hawk. On top of that, she has decided she must investigate EVERY drawer and pull EVERYTHING off of all the shelves.

Mom life

Mother’s Day

What I realized this past week is that Mother’s Day isn’t just about celebrating me, a mom. It’s about honoring all moms. It’s about celebrating all the people and circumstances that make motherhood possible. This year, despite popular opinion, I decided not to ask for a break from being a mom on Mother’s Day.