Monday Musings

Well, it’s April 25th, the perfect date. It wasn’t too hot or too warm. All I needed was a light jacket. #MissCongenialityForever

Today also marks the day that I’m officially on Snapchat. My sister called today and begged me to sign up because apparently “it will make us more connected.” I have a piece of advice for all of you. If your sister ever says the words “make us more connected,” just say yes. I have to say, I think Snapchat is pretty weird. I’m not sure if I get the hype, but I’m beginning to understand why it’s fun to use with a few people. The highlights of my day were sending and receiving Snapchats from my sister. By the end of the night, I had a pretty awesome story put together. Though, when my husband came home and saw it, he was a little disturbed seeing Desirae look like a dog and vomiting tomatoes.

Other than that clearly momentous life change, I’m off to a pretty abnormal couple of weeks.

This week Aaron has a late night work schedulele, which rarely happens. That means he has free time in the mornings and works extra late each night. I don’t mind that he has a change in schedule for a week. What’s frustrating is my schedule won’t change because baby’s schedule won’t change. That means I have to shift some things around to try and find a way for Desirae and I to see Aaron this week, and that includes shifting some blogging.

Next week, I have jury duty – a for sure, better show up or be found in contempt of court, jury duty – and I have no idea how many days it will take. Aaron actually served last year, and it took him four days, so I’m planning to do the same. I was actually called to jury duty, for my first time, earlier this year. But I made a rookie mistake. I called and postponed my service date. If I had understood that just because I’m formally called to jury duty doesn’t mean I’ll have to show up, I would never have postponed. Apparently, once you postpone your service date, you absolutely have to serve on the day you are rescheduled. I postponed my service date because Desirae was still exclusively nursing at the time, and she refused to take a bottle. Plus, as a stay at home mom, I don’t have regular childcare. Ugh… This is actually all a long story and a sore subject. The point is, I’ll be stuck in a court house next week, and I’m not allowed to have my phone with me while I’m there, so goodbye society.

This week also marks three months since I started this blog. Over the past few months, I’ve been going strong and continue to remain pretty consistent with my blog posts. I’ve definitely enjoyed writing the last three months, but the honeymoon blogging phase is over. Blogging is no longer rainbows and sunshine, at least not all the time. It’s time to create a process, plan what I want to write about, schedule my posts, and fix up my site. I need a planner and notebook to write out clear goals, because I really do want to stick with this. That means I either have to take a break from blogging for a couple weeks, or find a way to plan out my blog in between writing. Maybe I can do my planning while I’m stuck in the courthouse next week without any wifi in sight.

All that to say, things may be a bit sporadic on the blog for the next couple weeks. My posts may be random, short, or nonexistent. Please bear with me. I’m still here. I’ll catch you on social media in between naps, and write when my husband is working, baby is sleeping, and I actually have wifi (whenever that is). But will all the craziness, I may have some pretty interesting Snapchat stories these next couple of weeks. So, keep an eye out for puppy faces, pig noses, and vomiting tomatoes.


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. ohhhh I love the pics, especially you with a cat on your head!!! 😄
    Awww wow jury duty is that time consuming! and I didnt know you are not allowed to have your cellphone! That will be so tough…. and so hard for you to be away from your baby for a long time. they shouldn’t call a new mom with baby!!!
    and I hope you can figure out a schedule with your husband too. My husband works lots of evenings and night so it’s tough for him to see my boys… and it can be hard for us moms too….
    Blogging is a interesting thing and time consuming surprisingly isnt it. I face the same challenge too. But I love your blog so I will look forward to when you are back❤


    1. If I don’t get selected for the jury, it will probably take a couple days. But who knows… And I hate that I won’t be able to have my phone! I’ve never left my girl for that long, and now I won’t even be able to contact the babysitter! Next week is seriously stressing me out. 😳

      I’m sorry to hear your husband works evenings so much. That must be very challenging with family time, and even harder to find time just the two of you. I’m lucky that this rarely happens. It’s definitely not something we’re used to.

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