6 Reasons Why I Started Blogging


I started this blog almost three months ago – two months, three weeks, and one day ago to be exact. Blogging is something I’ve tried in the past, but it didn’t take. At the time, I was feeling unsure about who I was, and I struggled (still struggle) with perfection. It took me weeks to publish one post because I wasn’t sure if it was good enough. My main problem was I didn’t know what I wanted to write about or why I was even blogging in the first place. Because I couldn’t answer those two questions, I ended up writing about topics I had no passion for. It resulted in a blog full of miscellaneous posts and writing that didn’t represent my voice. Even though I enjoy writing, it wasn’t long before I abandoned my blog.

I don’t want to make those same the second time around.

This blog started quite suddenly. I didn’t read any books, write out any goals, deliberate over the perfect name, research the best web host, or ask any bloggers about their experiences. One day I started mulling over the idea of writing again, questioning my skills and debating the idea of starting a new blog. Once I mentioned the idea to my husband, he thought it was a brilliant and has been my biggest supporter ever since. But I still wasn’t convinced. Finally, an encouraging conversation with a friend and fellow blogger, tipped me over the edge. I was at home the following week, picked up the computer, logged on to WordPress, and began writing. It seemed a little sudden and haphazard, but I didn’t want perfection to get the best of me a second time.

That’s sort of how this process has been for me thus far – I log on to WordPress, open a new draft, write whatever is on my mind, and hit Publish. Although it may be a little erratic, I know why I am writing, and I know what I want to write about. This time, I know who I am. Over time, I’ll probably become more systematic in my approach, but for now, I’m just flowing with my creative process. That’s what I need right now, a creative space that’s all my own. The goals, tricks of the trade, and networking will come with time. I’ll learn as I go. Right now, this blog is for me.

For anyone who wonders where this blog randomly came from, here are six reasons why I started blogging.

1) It’s MY creative space
As a stay at home mom, nothing is my own. I have no private space. My plate is Desirae’s buffet. The bathroom is where I’m always followed. The clothes in my dresser are strewn across the floor. The list goes on. I need a space that’s for me – a space that’s all my own, that can’t be moved or broken, and where I can be myself. I think every stay at home mom needs to have a creative space. Maybe it’s a craft room, music lessons, an Etsy shop, or a garden. For me, in this season of my life, my creative space is this blog. My husband can’t change it, and my kid can’t move it. I can let my thoughts and creativity flow in whatever way I choose. It’s a place where I am able to experience the joy of creating.

2) I can see my work completed
A mother’s work is never done. It’s repetitive and often feels meaningless. I wash dishes, change diapers, fold the laundry, give baths, over and over and over. When I blog, I am able to see my work completed. No one is going to unfold it or get it dirty. I write a post, publish it, and the post stays finished. Not only do I feel pride in my writing, but I am able to see other people enjoy it as well.

3) I am able to give back.
Being a mom is the most important work. Mothers love, teach, and raise their children to be kind and compassionate human beings who will make the world a better place. Although my work does matter, in the day to day life, it has a tendency to feel pretty pointless. My kid is not going to say, “Mom, thank you so much for the wonderful wisdom you shared with me yesterday. I’m going to begin applying that to my life.” I question what I have to contribute to others or if anything I do makes a difference. As a blogger, I have the opportunity to give back. I can encourage other moms, and they can encourage me. My thoughts make a difference, my experiences help others, and my opinions influence others. I enjoy knowing that I can make a difference.

4) I am able to process.
I don’t get a lot of adult communication, but that doesn’t mean I have nothing on my mind. There are a million things I’m thinking about. Since I don’t have many opportunities to process verbally, my blog allows me to process in writing. As I write each post, I am able to reflect on my life and bring clarity to my thoughts and emotions.

5) I have something productive to focus my thoughts and attention.
For the majority of the week, I am at home alone with my child. Most of my responsibilities don’t require a lot of brain power, like deciding what to make for lunch or if I should get out the Crayons or the toy picnic basket. Even when I’m not making decisions, my day is filled with monotonous tasks that allow my mind to drift. In those moments, my mind is thinking, analyzing, and questioning. For some reason, it’s always easier to dwell on the negative rather than the positive. My struggles, insecurities, and discontent come to the forefront of my thoughts. Blogging gives me something  productive to think about. Instead of reanalyzing (for the bazillionth time) a troublesome interaction I had, I find myself thinking about the next post I want to write or how to better communicate something I’ve said. Blogging uses my brain power and helps me to see things in a more constructive frame of mind.

6) I am able to find community.
Being a stay at home mom, it is easy to feel isolated. My world is only 1,200 square feet, and, for a capable, college educated adult, that’s pretty small. Blogging allows me to connect with the outside world even when I am alone in my little house. I am able to meet people I would never have known, who are in the same stage of life, and who understand my struggles. No matter what you’re going through or what you think, chances are, there is a blogger out there who can relate to you. Even in the short time I’ve been writing, there are people who I regularly interact with through my blog. I’ve never met them in person, but they have become invested in my life. We are able to relate to one another’s life situations and connect in our shared passion for blogging and motherhood. Sometimes I’ll talk with my husband about something a blogger said to me or posted, and he’ll laugh (in a “I’m happy for you” kind of way, I promise) saying, “You really do talk about these people like they’re your friends.” The beautiful thing is, they really are.


22 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why I Started Blogging

  1. Ha. I feel like I’m friends with some of the bloggers too. Even though I haven’t met them in person. I wish we can all meet up and have coffee.

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  2. Exactly. Every single post you write, I agree with you as a fellow stay-at-home mom. I am glad you found this space to call your own and express. We, as mothers, need a self time and space too. Until I actually became a mom, I didn’t think that was important. Now I know that I need to be happy and I need to do what I like too to be able to maintain healthy mind 🙂
    I initially started my blog just to write down my pregnancy with twins but I never really updated regularly since the boys were born… and just recently my husband encouraged me to find a hobby and I decided to start my blog regularly again 🙂 I am glad I did and I found you in this community!!

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    1. Aw thanks! You are always so encouraging and it pushes me to keep on blogging. 🙂 I’m so glad I found you here in the blogging world! And PS, I am obsessed with your Insta pics of your boys.

      Mamas need a space that’s all their own! A place to create, de-stress, and actually get things finished! I’m glad that your husband encouraged you to blog. It’s probably the one thing your boys can’t tear apart. 😉

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