DJ Roomba in This House

I’ve been sort of MIA this week. My current blogging process isn’t quite working for me. I need to sit down and reevaluate so I can find something that works better for my family. It doesn’t help that this past week the power went out, the dishwasher broke down, and the plumbing has slowly melted a hole in the wall in my kitchen. For once, I’m thankful to still be in a rental.

In other much more exciting news, my life has been changed forever. Yesterday, I bought a Roomba. I was walking through the Costco aisles, my Roomba in my shopping cart, with visions of Tom and Donna flashing through my head.

Treat yo self? Why yes. Yes, I think I will.

(Long live Parks and Rec. We will never forget you.)

I had to text my husband, multiple times, to confirm that he 100% thought, without a doubt, that blowing money on this frivolous purchase was definitely and assuredly a good idea. I needed a lot of reassurance to actually hand that vacuum over to the cashier. Obviously, Aaron said yes, because I currently have my Roomba upstairs cleaning my bedroom.

Now, when we host our next party, I can resurrect the beloved, DJ Roomba.

I promise, I didn’t just up and buy a Roomba. Several months ago, I was griping about how dirty our floors are, no matter how often I clean them, which is almost every day. I spend most of my time set aside for cleaning, re-vacuuming the floors. See, we have a dog. Not just any dog, a large, fluffy, fury, shed-like-crazy, German Shepard dog. We also have a child, a one year old, crawling everywhere, putting anything she can find in her mouth, kind of child. So I vacuum. ALL. THE. TIME. I’m surprised my vacuum hasn’t overheated and blown up with how much I use it. Aaron decided, all on his own volition, that once he was promoted (which he was! Cheers!) I should buy a Roomba. That way I don’t have to spend all my time vacuuming, at least not every single day.

Of course, when I brought my Roomba home yesterday evening, I had to get that thing running. After Desirae was in bed, I turned the Roomba on, and Lincoln, our dog, spazzed out as he tripped over his feet and ran into the coffee table. Though you can’t really blame him because Roomba was headed straight for him. I only felt a little bad for laughing at him hysterically. By the end of the night, he was cool with it, and he let Roomba maneuver around his long, fluffy, tail. I did feel bad when Roomba scared Desirae this morning. Of course, she noticed the new toy right away and had to investigate. After pressing a couple buttons, she accidentally turned the Roomba on and it started moving. That really freaked her out. I’ll have to provide her with a better introduction to Roomba. Maybe she can join the club of Roomba riding babies.

Now, I just need someone to invent a Roomba mop. And a Roomba that climbs stairs. That would be fabulous. Then, between DJ Roomba and RoombaMop, Melissa McCarthy could come over to my house and perform this crazy mess. I would just sit there and laugh while Roomba sucked up all that glitter before my dog trailed it all over the house.

Happy Friday everyone.


11 thoughts on “DJ Roomba in This House

  1. hahaha I love your writing style!
    Now I want Roomba too… our dark floor shows my light colour haired cat’s fur and dust so much!
    RoombaMop will be amazing! All the stickiness from snacks and juice required daily mopping in our house 😣


    1. Thanks!

      You should go treat yo self!! Lol Roomba is seriously helping me stay on top of all this dog hair.

      And OMG yes. I am mopping ALL THE TIME. I hate picking up Desirae and seeing her pants so dirty from crawling around. πŸ˜πŸ˜–

      Liked by 1 person

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