It’s April 1st

Well, it’s here, April 1st. April Fool’s Day is upon us. Of all the silly little holidays we celebrate, April Fool’s Day is my least favorite. You could say I don’t have a good sense of humor or I need loosen up, but distrusting the world for a day and wondering what is going to happen every time I turn a corner doesn’t seem very fun. If the next President wanted to de-holiday (un-holiday? banish? strike from the calendar?) April Fool’s Day, I would be okay with that.


Why can’t April be more like May? May is full of happiness, flowers, sunshine, and rainbows. Plus, there’s May Day! Why doesn’t anyone celebrate May Day anymore? I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather find a May Day basket on my doorstep then Koolaid in my shower. As a kid, I remember making a little cone out of construction paper and filling it with wildflowers to leave on my neighbor’s doorstep. It gave me something fun to do, and I can’t imagine my neighbor was too angry to find flowers at his door. I wouldn’t mind being inconvenienced with putting flowers in a vase, but I would mind having to take plastic wrap off my car.


Maybe the term, “April showers bring May flowers,” is the reason April Fool’s Day exists in the first place. In May, it’s actually warm outside. You can smell the charcoal burning from the barbecue down the street. Flowers are blooming. Everyone is so tired of being stuck inside due to the winter and rain that they just can’t help themselves. The only way to make it through another cold, rainy, unpredictable month is to have a day dedicated to pranking anyone without rules. Finally, siblings who have been stuck in close quarters all winter, can prank each other without consequences. I suppose that April is really just May’s older sibling, and like all stir-crazy siblings out there, he is doing whatever he can to irritate her.

Whatever the reason and whatever people’s fascination with it, April Fool’s Day is here. But hey, at least it’s Friday! You have all day tomorrow to recover from any ill-planned pranks you may find yourself in.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Have a great weekend!



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