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Easter and a Birthday Party

A family picture with the tired birthday girl after the party.

We had an eventful weekend. Not only was it Easter, but we also hosted Desirae’s first birthday party! We had a lot of fun squeezing our family and friends into our tiny little townhouse. As I’m writing, I’m looking around deciding how I want to handle the party aftermath. My goal today, besides writing this post, is try to put my house back together.

I don’t think I can reiterate enough how hard it is for me to believe that Desirae is already one year old. A year ago, I was at home nursing a newborn while trying to transition into motherhood. Today, I have a curious, opinionated explorer who I am constantly trying to keep out of trouble. What happened to my tiny baby?

The birthday party was definitely a success. Lots of family and friends were excited to come celebrate Desirae’s first year of life. I’m so thankful that I live close enough to my family that they are able to participate in important events. It was so special to be able to celebrate my daughter’s first year with them. Plus, Desirae got some awesome new toys out of the deal, so that’s always a bonus.

Desirae’s first time on a swing!

The birthday party was a hit. We started at the park, where Desirae rode on a swing for the first time! She loved that! Once we arrived back at the house, she played with her cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. Desirae was a little unsure when it came time to open presents. I think that’s because she was feeling a little smothered by her older cousins who were VERY eager to show her the awesomeness of birthday gifts. Desirae is used to having her space. There were a couple bouts of crying, but once her older cousins got her gifts open, Desirae forgot about the people and investigated her new toys.

Desirae enjoying her first piece of cake.

I have to say the birthday cake was probably Desirae’s favorite part. She had never had cake before. She was a little confused when everyone started singing at her, but she didn’t mind once she saw I was giving her food. At first, Desirae was a little hesitant about the texture of the frosting. But once she got her first taste, it was all over. She definitely did not disappoint the crowd as she tried to stuff almost a whole cupcake in her mouth.

On Sunday we drove to my parent’s place to celebrate Easter with my family. Last year, Desirae was only about two weeks old on Easter, so we didn’t think much about the holiday in the midst of the newborn craziness. This year, Easter was a lot more fun because Desirae was actually able to participate in the festivities.

Before we went to church in the morning, we gave Desirae her Easter basket. She was a pretty big fan, but that’s probably because we put yogurt melts in it. Have I mentioned how much Desirae LOVES yogurt melts? She could eat them forever. (Actually, so could I. Have you ever eaten them? They are seriously delicious.)

I bought Desirae a new Easter dress from Target only a few days ago, which I love. It’s a size 12M, and she is generally true to size. However, when I put it on her just before church, I realized how small it was one her! Her big baby pot-belly barely fit in the dress. Apparently, she needs to cut down on the yogurt melts and Veggie Straws.

Even in her teeny tiny dress, Desirae had a lot of fun during her first Easter egg hunt. Really, she was just pumped to be mobile and outside. She would have been happy to just pick at leaves and twigs all day. But she thought the brightly colored eggs that made noises when she shook them were pretty exciting. I’m grateful that she doesn’t care or know about candy yet. We can deal with that next year.

Desirae finding her first Easter egg!

All in all, it was a full, fun, and celebratory weekend. Saturday we celebrated Desirae’s birth, and Sunday we honored Christ’s resurrection. It was a weekend to praise and give thanks to God for the two greatest gifts He has given me – my daughter, and His redemption. God has given me the privilege of being Desirae’s mother, but I am eternally grateful for Christ’s death and resurrection. It is because of His grace and redemption that I have hope for the future, hope for my daughter, and grace to be her mother. I pray that someday, Desirae will be able to praise and give thanks to God on Easter for His grace and redemption in her own life.

In case anyone is wondering,  I purchased the poncho Desirae is wearing as a custom order from My Grandma Sews on Etsy. It’s super cute, great quality, and the service was excellent. I love the idea of a poncho because Desirae can wear it while sitting safely in a car seat!


Also, I purchased Desirae’s birthday shirt from an online store called, CampLight Apparel that I found on Instagram. I wanted to get her a fun birthday shirt, and I thought this was the perfect one. The shirt is super cute and arrived promptly.


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