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Ode to a Coffee Table

There was once a coffee table
He was sturdy and small
He liked to hold things
And didn’t mind at all

He held coasters for coffee
And Kleenex for long cries
He offered magazines to strangers
Who happened to walk by

Many friends loved him
And adored his long face
He was there for so many
And helped tie together the place

Then along came a baby
None knew her devious plans
Until she declared war
By crawling on her hands

It was a rough battle
As the sweet baby took over
He fought long and hard
But the war was basically over

It started with his sharp corners
Where Baby rammed her head
Until one day he was covered
Like a mini mattress pad

Strangers couldn’t visit him
As his coasters turned to bombs
There was a battle for the Kleenex
But tissue by tissue, it was gone

Next Baby stole his magazines
And ripped then all to shreds
His comrades deserted him
On the battlefield where he bled

Coffee Table finally lost the war
As baby stood in victory
She laughed and said, “You didn’t stand a chance.
So long, you’re history.”

The battlefield was grisly
Smeared with Cheerios and slobber
But we’ll all remember Coffee Table
As he stood in his final hour

A monument stands in his place
With a jungle gym for climbing
It has a long empty surface
For Baby’s incessant drumming

Coffee Table was my friend
I will remember him well
Will I see him in the future?
Only time, and kids, will tell



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