On Gym Clothes and Fuller House

Remember those gym clothes I bought for Aaron? Well, the other day, he was supposed to wear basketball gear to work. (It was some weird March Madness themed competition.) Aaron has never been much of a basketball guy. Baseball is his thing. So, I suggested he wear the new gym clothes I bought him to accomplish a sort of basketball practice type look. (I’m the basketball fan in this house.) Guess what? Aaron is in sales, and he crushed it at work that day. It was probably one of his best days. And, I bet you, it’s because those clothes made him feel awesome (and fast) all day. Attitude is everything my friends. I think I’ve proven my point.Fuller House

In other news, Fuller House came out on Netflix last weekend. I don’t know what you watched in the 90’s, but I watched One Saturday Morning shows and Full House. My big sister watched Full House, and I thought she was pretty cool, so that meant I watched Full House. For years, I dreamed of naming my first daughter D.J. (That last part was not sarcasm. Today, I am glad that not all dreams come true.)

Aaron had to go in to work last Saturday, so I figured it was the perfect time to start my Fuller House binge. (I try to spare my husband by watching shows like The Bachelor and Project Runway when he isn’t around.) After I’d gotten through several episodes, Aaron came home and saw what I was watching. I am proud to say, he was actually bummed that I started watching the show without him! The last thing I thought was that Aaron would actually want to watch Fuller House with me. But, he proudly told me, “I was a 90’s kid too! I watched Full House.” So, I restarted episode one, and we binge watched the Fuller House season together, because my husband is all that and a bag of chips.


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