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Before I Was a Mom

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, I’m thinking about what my husband and I will do to celebrate. We actually have a babysitter for the afternoon, so Aaron and I get to take a much needed break and enjoy one another’s company.

I think that this Valentine’s Day will be my favorite because I actually need Valentine’s Day. This is my first Valentine’s Day since becoming a mom. Before I was a mom, Valentine’s Day was just an extra celebration thrown in each year that made us turn a nice date into an extravagant date and a simple “I love you” into a long romantic dissertation.

This year, Valentine’s Day has arrived to remind me that before I was a mom, I was a wife. Before we had Desirae, we only had each other. With a baby and no regular babysitter, it’s easy to forget that sometimes. Smelling like baby spit up and spending most of my days in sweatpants, makes it easy to forget that hot babe that once caught my husband’s eye. As a mom and a wife, my focus is split between a man who loves me and a baby who needs me. Both want my attention, but one of them is completely dependent on that attention, so she usually wins.

So this Valentine’s Day, I’m going to remember that I am a wife. I’m going to dress up and remind myself of that woman I was when I caught my husband’s eye; the woman who my husband has never stopped seeing. I’m going to enjoy some one-on-one time together as we celebrate “us.” No matter what we do on Sunday, it’s going to be wonderful because I am reminded that I am first, and foremost, the wife of the man I love. 


8 thoughts on “Before I Was a Mom

  1. Reblogged this on Mothers With A Mission and commented:
    I still remember it. Those baby days when life was all about the urgent like changing a blowout diaper or finding a lost blankie I went completely insane–the days that rarely included a daily shower and shaved legs were a luxury.

    I came across this post today at “The Other Johnsons” and thought I’d share it because although I’m past that baby stage, I still have a tendency to let the urgent rather than the significant govern my time. This Valentine’s Day though, I think I’ll toss the sweats and don some lace for the man who still thinks I’m hot and wants to catch my eye. The kids will have to survive for a bit without me ;-).
    I hope you’ll also be encouraged to remember that you were a woman before you were a mother, and that your husband likes to see her every now and then also. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing my blog today! It’s wonderful knowing there are others out there who can be encouraged by my own experiences, and it’s encouraging to me know I’m not the only one! I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day as you don that sexy lace for your man and let the kids survive without you. 😉


  2. Good point. I thought Valentines Day was dumb but this year surprised myself (and shocked my husband) by getting a mushy card and leaving a pink and red heart decorated surprise for him. Every day is Baby Day lately, so yes, I think I also NEEDED Valentines Day for the first time this year. Well put.


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