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The Lion King and an Abacus

I’m happy to say that yesterday ended with a few moments of reprieve before Desirae’s bedtime.

In a final moment of desperation, Desirae and I sat down together and watched clips from The Lion King on YouTube while eating Veggie Straws. (Okay. So I probably won’t win the Mother of the Year award.) Yes, I know my child’s health and IQ are in question. But I’d like to point out that she did eat a snack with the word “veggie” in the title, which I think should be considered pretty close to eating freshly picked spinach. Plus, her favorite clip from The Lion King was in Finnish, so I’m pleased to report that I have a future linguist on my hands.

I’m pretty sure Desirae’s going to be a smart kid. While watching our Lion King clips, it was clear to me that Desirae was able to immediately recognize the artistic mastery and legendary filmography that is, The Lion King. If we can test a person’s IQ by his level of enjoyment while watching The Lion King, I don’t think I have anything to worry about.

Basically, my kid is a genius.

After Desirae went to bed and I had picked up the house, I decided a hot bath was in order. Aaron finally arrived home from work, and we were able to have some real adult conversation. Plus, he brought me a glass of wine and Chinese take-out for dinner. (Translated as: best husband ever.)

All in all, yesterday ended well. Thankfully, today is a new day, and we’re all feeling rested and rejuvenated here in the Johnson household. I’ll keep drinking my coffee. Desirae will eat what she eats, and I’m sure her IQ will be just fine. But, just in case, I’ll go buy her an abacus tomorrow.


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