Mom life

Thumb-Sucking Blanket Baby

Desirae is ten months old now. It’s hard to believe that she is almost one. Where has the time gone? In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed her getting older. Suddenly she is more interactive and more observant. She is talking to herself more, laughing at her toys, and discovering new ways to play. The main floor of our house isn’t big enough anymore; now she wants to venture upstairs every day. I am watching her world expand. To top it all off, I can see her becoming interested in the idea of walking. (Dear sweet Lord. A walking baby means a running baby, which means a running mama. I need that gym membership I keep pretending I want.)

With growth, I know goodbyes are coming.

I have a thumb-sucking, blanket baby. Desirae has been sucking her thumb since she was just a few months old. Every night and before every nap, Desirae sits in my lap. I offer her the blanket, tags side first. (The tags on every blanket and every stuffed animal are very important.) She takes the blanket in one hand and puts it over her face and then sucks on the thumb of her other hand. We sit for a moment, until she lets me know she wants to be put down. I place her in her crib, and she immediately turns over, thumb and blanket still in place, and falls asleep.

It’s those types of memories I’m not ready to let go. Little by little, I’m experiencing the truth that it’s the mom who has a hard time letting go, not the child. Desirae is ready and excited to move in to the next new thing. But I’m the one torn between saying goodbye to the past and saying hello to the next, new “first time.” I’m excited to see her grow. I know there are great memories to be made, but I just want to hold on to my thumb-sucking, blanket baby a little longer before I say goodbye.


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