Mom life

Baby Season

It’s funny, all the different seasons life brings you. When I was in high school, all my friends used social media to announce what boyfriends they had and broke up with. (Oh, Myspace… may you rest in peace.) In college, everyone waited for the day they could change their relationship status on Facebook to “engaged.” Next came the weddings, and oh, there were so many weddings. Stalking people’s wedding photos was a favorite past time of mine. (Who am I kidding? I still regularly check people’s Facebook pages as I wait for their wedding photos. It’s an obsession. My Pinterest will prove it.)

Now that all my friends and I have waited the “appropriate time” after marriage, I’m in baby season. It’s the season of hosting baby showers, visiting hospitals, cooking extra meals, printing baby registries, and, the best part, holding newborns. There is nothing like holding a brand new, pink, little blob with his tiny nose and itty bitty fingers. And that newborn smell! Oh my goodness… I can feel my ovaries trembling just thinking about it. Nothing instills baby fever like a newborn.

Las night, a dear friend of mine just announced the birth of her first child, a sweet baby girl. I am so thrilled! I already have our daughters’ future friendship all planned out in my mind. In the next couple of weeks, I can guarantee you that I’ll be making some extra meals. Life in those first few weeks is tough. As my friend transitions into motherhood, I want to make sure she is supported and well fed. And I just really want to see that baby!


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