Mom life

Mom Life, for Now

Motherhood is full of different seasons. If you’re not a mom yet, let me tell you, being a mom is both the most amazing and the hardest thing you’ll ever do. (The fact the I can realize this with only one ten-month old daughter makes me afraid for my future. Can I say, temper tantrums?) As your kid grows, you get to watch her discover everything for the first time. I’ve seen Desirae learn to roll over, crawl, smash toys together, attempt to eat dog fur, try to break my glass coffee table, get her head stuck between furniture, and try to plummet down the stairs. Right now, my season with Desirae could be described as “explore,” or, even more appropriately, “keep baby alive.” The idea of not dying hasn’t quite entered her understanding yet.

As a stay at home mom, Desirae and I have our own little routines throughout the day. It’s something we do everyday, just the two of us. That makes it special. When Desirae wakes up in the morning, the first thing she wants to do is eat. Don’t bother trying to change her diaper or snuggle in your pj’s. She is just going to scream at you. Aaron usually gets her from her crib and brings her to me. Of course, Desirae literally tries to dive out of his arms toward her food source. (Sometimes I swear she wants to break her neck.) Then I pull her close to me, and I nurse her in bed. This is probably one of my favorite parts of the day. I get to snuggle in bed with my baby girl while she nurses, and I slowly wake up. But let’s be real. Most of the time, I just fall back asleep while she is eating. (Seriously, morning? I try not to talk to anyone before 9AM if I can help it. Just ask my husband.) Within a few minutes, I am abruptly awoken by little fingers in my nose or a tiny hand using my eyeball as leverage to stand up.

Hello Desirae. Good morning to you, too.

When breakfast is over, it’s time to explore. Once she is denied my phone, Desirae sees all the treasures on my nightstand just waiting to be slobbered on, and she makes a break for it. Chewing on my chapstick is followed by an attempt to make a nosedive off the bed and on to the floor. AH! If I wasn’t awake before, I am now! I quickly grab her ankle, or whatever limb is within reach, and pull her back to safety.

Another day of keeping my baby alive has begun. And right now, that’s mom life.


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