A New Name

My name is Heather Johnson. According to the Internet (because we all know that if we Google something, it must be true), there are over two million people in the U.S. with the last name Johnson and over 542,000 people named Heather. That being said, I’m almost sure that you know someone with the last name Johnson, and it’s possible that you know a Heather Johnson (maybe you ARE a Heather Johnson).

To all you Smiths out there… I feel you.

I wasn’t always a Johnson; I married in to the name about four years ago. All joking aside, I’m proud of my new name because it means that my husband and I have started our own life together. We have come together and created our own family, our own marriage, our own life. Aaron is an amazing husband. I thought I was pretty lucky the day we were married, but as time goes by, I realize I had no idea how lucky I really am. I was proud to take on Aaron’s last name. By changing my name, I can demonstrate to others that we belong together.

What I have come to realize is that it’s hard changing your name. Your name says something about how you are. As a single person, you know who you are. You know the family you’ve come from, how you fit in to that family, the things you’ve accomplished, and the friends you’ve made. You become proud of who you are and the people you’re associated with. Once you’re married, it feels like you start all over again. Suddenly, you take on a new name associating yourself with a family you don’t really know, people that you aren’t familiar with. And they don’t know you or where you’ve come from. Everything is brand new – to both of you.

Part of marriage is letting go. You let go of some family traditions and get-togethers, the freedom of singleness, and you let go of the way you used to live. It can be hard to let go because you are so used to who you are and the life you had before you were married. But one of the most beautiful parts of marriage is starting a new life, together.  The two of you get to decide how you want your family to be. You create your own traditions, new friends, and new dreams. You hold fast to your spouse and become one.

I may be Heather Johnson now, along with 542,000 other people, but I’m the only Heather Johnson who is married to Aaron. My husband is unique. I am unique. And our family is unique. Most importantly, this family is ours, and it will be a family that honors God and gives all glory to Him. For that, I am grateful.


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